Actor Lee Min-ho’s charm containing palsaekjo TV CF shooting scene photos became public.

More advanced children in New Zealand’s 2013 F / W TV CF shooting Lee in the vast wilderness of the background from the soft, intense masculine charisma, warmth, and showed humanity.

Mountain climbing steep trails in the form of steps lead to the shooting skills and as good as a professional climber, you should flaunt-class workmanship, wood-splitting showcase will pray. He is also the local foreign models and conversation and playful atmosphere led to the beating hwagiaeae one site.

In particular, as a partner to jeonghyein focused breathing posture and outdoor pictorial art as well as detailed alryeojun Holding hands on the steep mountain road manners show attracted attention.

The ‘This Is My Season (THIS IS MY SEASON)’ as a slogan, no one child of the city’s TV CF, the nature and enjoy outdoor activities without regard to the appearance of Lee Min Ho was contained.


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