[NEWS] Lee Min Ho Films Car Advertisement Reminiscent Of Kim Tan


Actor Lee Min Ho recently filmed a car

Starhaus Entertainment recently uploaded five
pictures from the filming scene on its official
Facebook account.

In the revealed picture, Lee Min Ho poses in the
driver’s seat of the car. Lee Min Ho looks as if he
has just come out of a movie in his black blazer
and dashing appearance.

Filming staff commented that Lee Min Ho “Awed the
staff with his professionalism and manners in
addition to his fairy tale-like appearance and
model-esque body.”

Lee Min Ho remains active in promoting his drama
” Heirs ” and movie ” Gangnam Blues “.

Directed by Yoo Ha, “Gangnam Blues” tells the
story of 1970 Seoul’s political and societal struggle
revolving the development district of Youngdong.
Lee Min Ho is planned to show advanced action
scenes through his role in the movie.

Director Yoo Ha commented that although many
actors have expressed interest in the role, Lee Min
Ho was the best candidate due to his charismatic
charm and character. Filming of “Gangnam Blues” is
projected to begin in April and will be released in
theaters at the end of the year.

Credit : KpopSt☆rz
Photo credit : naver


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