Airport Fashion Spotlight : Lee Min Ho’s Preppy and Hungky Airport Fashion

In the course of two months, it looks like Lee Min Ho has been in.and out of the country promoting.and endorsing several of brands, locally and internationally.

The multi-talented hunk and actor has always shown his consistency in fashion. He never fails to show the latest fashion in men with his airport style. And that is why fans, not only women but also men, tend to follow him around because of his style which is simple, casual but not too loud, showing what his personality is.

Let’s take a look at Lee Min Ho’s airport fashion from January to February 2014:

Lee Min Ho leaving for Wuhan,.China on January 10. The scarf made it a nice contrast with his monotonous outfit plus, it went.with his shoes.


And his return from Wuhan, he.still showed a preppy style.


On January 22, Lee Min Ho was again spotted for his departure to Guangzhou, China for filming of several Chinese endorsements.


It is noticeable that he was all coiled up in his scarf. Wouldn’t you wish it was you?

On January 26, he was seen in Guangzhou leaving for Beijing to attend the CCTV Spring Gala Festival, still in his simple yet preppy look.


And his return again to Korea, he showed his perfect color schemes.


On February 7, he again was seen leaving for New Zealand to be in the shoot of outdoor wear Eider.


And when he returned he again looked so clean, again wearing a scarf.


In his airport fashion, what was the one thing that was common? It’s his favourite sunnies!

Wouldn’t you want to see his cute eyes?


What’s the best Lee Min Ho airport style for you so far?

Credit : KpopSt☆rz
Photo credit : Kimsocool, Mino’s dove, Minoz Peace, Kpopst☆rz, Ladyboss


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