[Article]Juicy details of Lee Min Ho’s sky-high endorsement fees are being disclosed!


Currently, some juciy bits of Lee Min Ho’s
endorsement fees are being circulated online. Lee
Min Ho, known as citizens’ long leg oppa in China
was disclosed to have taken up an endorsement
deal with Aux Telecom. As the words are being
spread around, it was also revealed that Lee’s
endorsement fees for Aux mobile brand is more
than 10 million RMB, breaking China’s handphone
endorsement fees’ record.

With this endorsement in pocket, Lee Min Ho’s
cash sucking power once again exceeded
‘Professor Do’ Kim Soo Hyun, successfully
maintaining hisnumber 1 spot as a Hallyu
representative. According to related officials, this
time round Lee Min Ho’s endorsement fees
amounted to 2 million USD (about 12 million
RMB), breaking the current mobile endorsement
fees’ record within China. However, no official
statements are issued at this point in time from
both parties.

Lee Min Ho has recently performed at Chinese
Lunar New Year’s concert in China, making his
grand appearance in front of the majority of
Chinese citizens through national TV broadcast,
pushing his career to another level. His
appearance fees also rose from 150K USD from
last year to about 300K USD this year. Previously,
while Lee Min Ho became the spokesperson for
TaoBao, he had a chance to get to know more
about Aux mobile in depth. In addition, many
noticed that the handphone Lee Min Ho used for
TaoBao’s CF shoot happened to be one of the best
selling model under Aux mobile.

Although Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity has risen
since his latest hit drama ‘My Love from the
Star’, it seems that there’s no way for Lee Min
Ho to leave his number one spot as a Hallyu
representative just yet. As of the Chinese market,
Lee Min Ho has his foundation built with his
appearance on Chinese Lunar New Year’s concert.
Lee Min Ho also have more than 20 million
followers on Weibo, which is about 4 times that of
Kim Soo Hyun’s. All in all, which oppa is China’s
top favourite?! I guess we can only wait and see!

Source : RenRen Entertainment / korea.com
Credit : Wooldacis Minoz


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