Translation of Promiz


While I was able to live my life happily
because of my fans, others are able to live
through the clean supply of water.
To some people it is just regular water that you
can get anywhere, however to others, it is
precious water that people are trying
desperately to get.
So now, the actions that both you and I can
take should not just be left in our hearts, but
must actually be carried out.
“make a change”
“take action now”
“It all starts from you”


Hello, this is Lee Minho.
Welcome to the PMZ party exclusively for
I sincerely thank all of you for coming to this
event, especially those who are coming from
far away.
From now on, I hope PMZ can allow for more
communication between us.

I would like as many as people as possible to
show interest and.participate.
I love you all ♥
Remember, the entire event PMZ  is dedicated
to you, Minoz.
I hope everyone has a great time.
Thank you for coming. Let’s meet again soon!

Thank you Falcon sis ^__^


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