[Article] Kim Woo Bin wants to try Lee Min Ho’ body for 7 days


Kim Woo Bin went to his first fan meet in
Taiwan on March 14 for White Valentine ‘ s
Day and passed out chocolates to reporters.
He also gave a candid and surprising answer
about how he feels about himself and how he
compares to Lee Min Ho. We also have the
video from the press conference.


Heirs has elevated Kim Woo Bin’ s fame to
A- lister status in the same league as Lee
Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Jong Suk.
However , in the interview with Taiwanese
reporters, Kim humbly says that he is not
handsome at all .

Kim Woo Bin claims he is too tall and too
big , like a dinosaur . He thinks he looks too
‘ man ‘ as in ‘ too masculine ‘ and he envies
Lee Jong Suk’ s ‘ pretty man ‘ look . He
particularly admires Lee Min Ho’ s
handsomeness and is always impressed
whenever he see ‘ s Lee Min Ho’ s profile. He
then jokingly adds , ‘ I wish I could exchange
bodies with Lee Min Ho and try it for 7

(No, Woo Binnie , the fans love both you and
Lee Min Ho because you do look different
and are both charismatic and charming in
our eyes!)


Kim also admitted that he has a fear of
heights and is afraid of all kinds of height –
related sports such as high jumps. But, when
asked about flying , he flashes a smile and
says he loves to watch the scenery from up
high because it relaxes him.

In the video , he says in Chinese, “Happy
White Valentine ‘ s Day !” He also tried out a
famous local food , Gong Wan ( a kind of a
meat ball) . However , he asked why it tasted
cold. The embarrassed MC admitted this was
a mistake as this delicacy should have been
eaten warm . Kim Woo Bin then tries some
bubble tea, the famous drink concoction
invented in Taiwan .

(Source: ettoday, YouTube )
Credit : DramaFever

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