Actor Lee Minho (이민호) revealed that he originally thought his now.famous line from ‘Heirs’ (“Do I like you?”) had a typo in it.

During his interview with @Star1 on March 20, Lee Min Ho was asked, “There was a lot of romantic acting and lines in ‘Heirs’. Wasn’t it very difficult or burdensome?” He responded that it wasn’t all his style, but he felt it was appropriate for his character, Kim Tan. “I don’t think I could.personally say them. The romantic lines and scenes would be difficult for me as an individual, but I acted thinking that because he’s straightforward when it comes to love, Kim Tan could say those things confidently.”

Lee Min Ho added, “As a guy, I think the way he doesn’t hesitate is cool. Rather than being difficult or burdensome, I wanted to be more like [Kim Tan].” He also discussed his well-known line from the drama, “Do I like you?” “When I first read the script, it was very fresh. Even the staff wondered if it was a typo. It made me think that people could actually confess their feelings like this.”

What did you think of Lee Min Ho’s famous line?



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