[ARTICLE] Lee Min Ho, “The Heirs Staffs Loved When I Kissed Park Shin Hye”


Actor Lee Min Ho shared the behind stories of the kiss scenes in the SBS drama “The Heirs.”

Lee Min Ho in a recent interview with the fashion magazine At Style shared the behind stories of the kiss scenes. Lee Min Ho said, “There were a lot of kiss scenes while filming The Heirs. From passionate kiss scenes to affectionate scenes, I contemplated a lot to share Kim Tan’s true feelings with the audiences.”

Lee Min Ho added, “When we filmed the kiss scene in a small storage, the staff members were looking at us from behind the door or the shelves. I remember they were all hiding and watching us.” Lee Min Ho also said on his partner actress Park Shin Hye, “She is a passionate, diligent actress. I tend to be very playful in the filming scenes, and she was okay with that. We had great synergy together.” In related news, actor Lee Min Ho is currently filming the movie “Kang Nam Blues” with director Yoo Ha.

Credits : Kdramastars


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