[ARTICLE] Any Volunteers? Lee Min Ho is arching for a message


Alas, but only if you’re an Osim uDiva, the latest luxe sofa massager from the Singapore wellness specialist.

We know of more than a few K-Drama fanatics who would give an arm and a leg to take the place of the blush-coloured throne our sofa king Lee Min Ho is seated on.

That, my friends, would be the latest beauty bench from Osim, the amusingly named uDiva. The incredibly easy-on-the-eye Lee Min Ho serves as the face of the uDiva, which is pitched as a “triple enjoyment sofa-lounger massager”. Translation? Unfold the sofa if you need more leg room, and press “play” if you want the full massage.The uDiva is apparently very intimately acquainted with the bodily contours of Lee Min Ho, who says that he’s curled up and dozed off in it on many an occasion:

“Nothing beats lounging in your favourite sofa and letting the power-packed soothing massage.drain all the weariness away.” Said to target traditional acupuncture points to assuage the aches of modern living, the uDiva comes with six pre-programmed options. Zero in on the Spa setting if you’re looking for a mild massage that also promises to jumpstart cellular regeneration, or gun for the Happy Hour, which Osim says is Lee Min Ho’s favourite massage. Now for the nuts and bolts behind the chair.

The uDiva uses the brand’s 3D Power-Ball Massage tech, composed of a series of carefully calibrated bumps that burrow deep into muscle knots on your neck and shoulders to soften and soothe.Like the pretty fellow fronting its campaign, the uDiva comes rigged with a ravishing exterior. Witness the plush pleated detailing, contrast stitching and fancy button tufted accents, all of which lends the chair a generous helping of feminine flair. Here’s a suggestion:

Plonk this in your parlour and invite your bevvy of K-Beauties over for a Boys Over Flowers marathon, batteries and Lee Min Ho cardboard cut-out not included! The Osim uDiva retails at a special introductory price of $2,588 (usual price $3,288), and is offered in Stunning Black, Luscious Maroon, Gorgeous Pink, Enchanting Blue and Elegant Beige. It is available at all Osim outlets, road shows and online at http://www.osim.com

Source : Herworldplus
Credits : Lee Min Ho (이민호)


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