[NEWS] Lee Min Ho Meets President Park Geun Hye Secretly as Reprensentative Hallyu Star


Hallyu star Lee Min Ho met with president Park Geun Hye.

Often named as the star to have ignited the new hallyu wave, Lee Min Ho attended the 3rd Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment conference on April 4 to speak on the topic of ‘Success Strategy for Hallyu Wave.’

The conference was attended by the chairman and the members of Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment, who discussed the future plans for developing content markets and Lee Min Ho, who was the only entertainer to attend the conference, shared his own experience and made suggestions on the development of hallyu culture.

One of the affiliates who planned the event said, “Hallyu wave that was triggered in Japan with drama Winter Sonata has now spread to the Greater China Region, leading external expansion. We’ve decided to invite Lee Min Ho as we judged him to be the originator of the new hallyu wave and carries both representative and symbolic traits of the entertainment industry.”

As the conference was hosted by the chief of state and was held in a location outside of the Blue House, Lee Min Ho was invited to attend in secret for security reasons.

President Park Geun Hye reportedly showed her utmost interest in the development of the cultural contents industry during the conference.

Photo credit: Starhaud Entertainment
Credit : CJ E&M enewsWorld


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