Q : Fan Meeting in two days,it.was a great work. How’s your impression after finished it?

LMH : That’s right all the time.but time that I spent with my supporters really short & fun. Two hours felt so quick. However happy that my supporters came to.meet me,it gave me strength after a long time. It was a happy time.


Q : Please tell us the most memorable moment during the events.

LMH : There’s a cornerto answer.questions that supporters gave me to write it on a piece of paper.questions about kiss was out,I tried out to sound of a kiss through microphone (laughs). A male supporter who came with his mother,chosen by lottery to entered the stage also remains in memory.

Q : Do you have a message as well for thos who couldn’t come?

LMH : I thought I spent happy time with you yesterday,also with.those who couldn’t come. For next schedule performance,I want to.make a good memory with all my.supporters.


Q : Well,the Heritors will start broadcasting April 27th at KNTV thank you for the drama introduction.

LMH : The Heritors,a drama depicting the youth love & friendship of teens. I think that it made me think again about a pure & clean love. It’s the work which heart is pounding.

Q : Please introduce your character.

LMH : Kim Tan,my role,the Heritors of a wealthy & large.company. But as a high school student,he is suffering,felt lonely & being abandoned. He met & fell in love with a woman name Eun Sang. In that role,I played well..It’s cool as a man to say it straight their own feelings during the.painful situation.

Q : The similarity of your personality with Kim Tan.

LMH : When we want something we’ll do our best. That’s the similarity about the values & beliefs as a whole will.

Q : Been a long time since your role as high school student in Boys Over Flowers,but it still matched you. What’s your secret?

LMH : Since I decided,it was quite worried. How’s to look good as a high school student? Point to show as a young person,in my case,I prefer with a bright hair. To match the hair,I treated my eyebrows for the first time.

Q : Do you do beauty treatment regularly?

LMH : I’m not interested in that. Eat & drink well,the best way (laughs).


Q : Did you remember you high school life while playing Kim Tan?

LMH : The background so different,but not that simple. Indeed,among the circumstances should looking for a precise answer & becomes an adult. But I didn’t even do it when I was young. So,I read the script & let my emotions work.

Q : Words & memorable scenes?

LMH : “Do I like you?”,many people worked on the topic as the.name lines. I like the words,”still (moving froward) going straight”..The scene that remains in memory? Tan,which was hidden was born out wedlock,the scene that reveal itself.

Q : How’s your relation with your co-star?

LMH : If I think to perform with actors whom have the same age wore uniforms might last,I felt regret. The familiar friends ended soon,the time that available with every co-stars became very short during the shoot,made me close to everyone. Things like that still on my mind.

Q : Please tell the interesting things about the drama.

LMH : The Heritors,a youth drama depicting the teens romance,made me think again about love,palpilation of the heart which we have forgotten might also revives. Isn’t it spring now? It’s a good drama in warm spring. Please,enjoy the drama.

Q : Tell us your future activities.

LMH : Will begin filming Gangnam Blues when I’m back to Korea. First of all,I want to concentrate.on filming. Because of my activities as a model & promotion activities after filming,will busy until end of this year. I also want to do some perfoemances,the schedules still under discussion,but I hope there’s a chance to meet you later this year.

Q : Finaly,do you have a message?

LMH : It’s very interesting season getting warm. Couldn’t wait to see you again. Thank you to support The Heritors.

Source : http://korepo.com/archives/29972
Translate by : Sailormoontroops


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