[ARTICLES] Kim Bo Sung Is More Handsome Than Lee Min Ho ?


Park Ji Yoon or Kim Bo Sung’s wife stated that her husband is better-looking than actor Lee Min Ho.

In recently flimed episode 49 of JTBC “Kids Are Life’s Blessings”, the topic.of parents and their kids going through puberty were talked about. The MC stated, “We heard that Kim.Bo Sung has been spending busy days filming for commercials.”

Kim Bo Sung said, “I think it’s because of the ‘loyal’ image that I have and many people have been hungry for ‘loyalty’ these days. Thanks to that, I even filmed one with Lee Min Ho.”

Kim Bo Sung’s wife Park Ji Yoon said, “I have an embarrassing story to tell. Kim Bo Sung sent me a picture with Lee Min Ho while filming a commercial with him. Everyone probably thinks Lee Min Ho is way better looking than my husband but to my eyes my husband.was better looking. I said, ‘You’re so good-looking’ as a reply but I realized I sent the text to a staff member instead. It was so embarrassing.”

Kim Bo Sung said, “For my wife to say that I’m better looking was embarrassing for me too. Lee Min Ho was so good-looking when I met him and he was even gentle.”

Credits : KpopStarz


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