[ARTICLE] Lee Min Ho talks about his airport fashion


The actual interview was from SBS ‘Lee.Jung Ah’s Celebrity.’

The man who has a tall height and.sculptured face! We were finally able to have Lee Min Ho in ‘Lee Jung Ah’s Celebrity.’

Lee Min Ho’s popularity continuously rose through his acting in various dramas starting with ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ then ‘Personal Taste,’ and finally with his recent drama, ‘City Hunter.’ He anticipated many viewers by dramatically changing roles and appearances, but most importantly, he was able to perfectly portray each of his characters. Not only is he a star busy with dramas and commercials, he’s even busy as a designer designing clothes for everyday wear.

One of his hobby is ‘choosing an outfit.’ We were able to see him and his hands carefully and pleasantly touching the fabrics. We cordially invite you to join us for the interview where we met him at the filming set for a furniture commercial in Namyangju.

Are you typically interested in clothes?

“I love fashion, but not an expert at it. I believe that everyone enjoys what they want to wear. I tend to wear something that fits my style, but with any dramatic changes, I leave that up to my stylist.”

Which style do you think best fits you?

“I think any coat or jacket best fits me. Any series of monotone colors as well. I have a lot of clothes in black. My closet looks dark and dim. (laughs)”

You seem to have a great body proportion so I think any clothes will look good on you, but do you have any complex [with your appearance]?

“It’s not really a complex, but some clothes don’t fit me length wise so it’s hard to find something fitting. Some people would say, ‘Your height is your complex?’ But, there are a lot of times when I can’t wear clothes that I like.”

The plot for the furniture CF you’re in seems to be about you working with other designers on designing furniture. This is a bit similar to your character from ‘Personal Taste’ as a fashionable architect which I think you will remind and capture the females’ hearts once again?

“I’m really happy to film for this CF with a different color and experience. For this particular one, I’m shown wearing different outfits but thank goodness I was a model for a men’s clothing brand for three years, so that helped me out a lot. That brand is known to be very stylish, so I was able to learn different trends and how to wear clothes with a more handsome appeal. I’m happy to be able to show you that once again.”

Celebrity airport fashion seems to be a hot topic these days, and you’re one of the stars who received positive remarks about your airport fashion style. Do you put a lot of thought into it?

“At first, I didn’t at all. I took out clothes that I had at home and put on what I liked to wear frequently, but the media started to analyze and see them as airport fashion. That’s when I started to put my thoughts into it. But, I don’t like to overly dress myself.”

Because airport fashion is such a hot topic, I think you might feel a bit of pressure?

“I’ve put a lot of thought into it one time, but the reaction wasn’t that great. Whenever I don’t worry about it and comfortably wear what I want, I receive positive reaction and realized that it is best to wear something that’s most comfortable on you. So, that is why I’d like to call this concept, ‘insensitive wear’? (laughs)”

Which style do you normally like to wear?

“I normally like to wear a shirt with an outer top. It’s casual. I especially like to wear a shirt with skinny jeans which I think that combination matches well on me. Since I like to wear an overall simple, achromatic color style, I use accessory, print, color, etc. as the main point.”

Original Source: news.nate.com
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World
Photo cr : Rabbit


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