[INTERVIEW] 8 Days Magazine With Lee Min Ho


8 DAYS – You’ve done countless interviews in your career. What’s one question you dislike getting asked?

LMH: I don’t have any particular questions that I dislike getting asked. Sometimes, the journalists ask questions that I’ve never thought about. That‘s.when I got caught off-guard. However, those questions are fun and sometimes.helpful as it does help me to reflect one thing that I did not think about before.

8 DAYS – Is there anything you wished you hadn’t said in past interviews?


LMH: I feel sorry when my answers get misunderstood. I can’t think of a particular example now, but when something like that happens again, I’ll.remember this moment where I’ve been.asked about the situation.

8 DAYS – If the roles were reversed and you could interview a reporter, what.would you ask?

LMH: When you interview your idols,.how do you conduct (yourself) professionally? I think the job of a reporter requires extreme professionalism. It’ll be interesting to hear the reporter’s point of view!

8 DAYS- What if you had to interview yourself?

LMH: It could be fun to follow a day of my daily routine at the filming of a drama, TV commercial or a movie. It may not be so special to me but could be interesting to fans. I’d probably dig more.of Lee Min Ho’s past and present.through his acting career. It could give me a chance to look a myself and my.goals objectively and reflect upon how much I’ve matured mentally and achieved my dreams.

8 DAYS – How do you fell when you read reviews about your performances, good or bad?

LMH: I keep an open mind and will make a mental note of the good points and improve on any negative points. It is through feedback that I’m able toconstantly improve.

8 DAYS- If you could be un-famous for a week, where would you go and what would you do?

LMH: I hope to spend some time with my family and friends, enjoying nice weather and scenery. I haven’t had a chance to travel for leisure, even though I’m frequently overseas for work. I was in California for the shoot of The Inheritors and it’s a pretty place that I’d love to visit again.

8 DAYS – You’ve been nicknamed Long Legged Oppa, Chemistry God and Honey Eyes. Of the three, um, interesting monikers, which do you like the least?


LMH: All these nicknames are adorable! I think those who came up with these names have a very good sense of humour. Every time I do a movie or a drama, my fans give me new nicknames, I get closer to my fans when they call me by these endearing names.

8 DAYS- Growing up, which Celebs were you a fan of? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for your idols?

LMH: The most active thing I did was go for the movies to watch my favorite actors. I loved movies and music but can’t remember being anyone’s fan. I played more soccer in the field and games on the computer.


8 DAYS- What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learnt about fame?

LMH: I’m very appreciative for all the.good reviews, my supporting fans, everyone I meet, and all those wonderful experiences I’ve had. I’ve learnt it’s important to never forget the mindset I had at the beginning of my career, especially when I’m falling down.


Fotos: Scan by Wenroad/@mtdt
Credit : noona


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