[STARCAST] : We heard that it was the sweetest acting until now.


“The script was very bright. There was no sweet melo- script until now so I could enjoy the shooting. Also it was good to act being exposed in the sunlight. Other shootings were done at sets so there was no time to spend time in the sun. I felt happy to take an outdoor shooting”.

☞ STARCAST: You acted with a Chinese actor, Haden Ku. The romantic chemistry was great.

“It did not take long since it was a CF drama. Scenes were separated so we didn’t have much time to talk. But it was okay. Talking with LINE emoticons was fun.”

“The harmony with the puppy, Brown, was also fun. I actually like puppies. I’m clenching my fist in the drama, but I’m actually holding on to Brown’s snack. That is why Brown loved me more.”

We release private collection pictures of Lee Min Ho. You will change the background screen to his images, right?

“I’m perfect for romance”


“I’m handsome, right?”


“I’ll be handsome always~”


“So let’s meet at the next shooting”


Writing = Kim Hyo Eun (Dispatch)
Picture = LINE

Credits : m.star.naver.com


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