[NEWS] Lee Min Ho, love calls from across the continent


Lee Min-ho has taken over China. He.has been chosen as the most wanted for a Chinese TV show.

The demand for the actor is overwhelming. According to mobile site Ten Cent, Lee Min ho came up with 29% in votes. 130,864 people voted altogether. Second in place comes Lee Hong-Ki from FT Island with a gap of roughly 100,000 voters.

Chinese media analyzed Lee Min-ho as the driving force of Hallyu. If he lit China on fire with ” City Hunter ” in 2011, he created a syndrome with “The Heirs” in 2013.

Lee Min-ho ‘s popularity in China is indeed amazing. Mobile Messenger Line mini drama “One Line Love” hit 20 million views and Chinese fans went crazy over 15 minute, 3-part advertisements.

He might re-star in a TV program according to the result of this vote. He starred in it during January 2012 for a New Years’ Special. He was the first Korean star to appear a full 90-minute in the program.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho is focused on the movie “Gangnam Blues” which is based in the 1970s, about a struggle between political powers and dark powers of society.

Source : http://www.dispatch.co.kr
Credit : Hancinema


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