[FAN ACCOUNT] Lee Min Ho Midsummer Night ‘You & I’ in Beijing – June 17, 2014


Hello Okay, this is for all english readers who wants to read a detailed fan account of yesterday’s Lee Min Ho “You and I Midsummer night” event. All credits at the end. Thank you so much for sharing!

Imagen Opening song: “My Everything”

20:05 When MH made his first appearance he sincerely said to all his fans (in Mandarin) “I miss you very much”(The Chinese words he used practically means “I missed you to death” which I guess would have sent all his fans C.R.A.Z.Y, even I reading this know how it would feel).

20:07 There were 10 fans whose tickets bore LMH signature these lucky fans would get to go on stage to interact with him.

20:11 The compere said that she is a mother and have watched “The Heirs” 12 times, MH asked her in Mandarin “Really?”

20:17 MH said he has not exposed his body for filming for a while and.recently as part of filming needs he has to remove his clothing to show his.upper body, he said it was agonizing for him, everyone screamed & screeched MH panic and got up from his seat asking “Aish why are you so.happy!!” In Gangnam Blues there will be scene which he needs him to remove his top clothing showing his.wild and handsome side compere asked if he will display it during the event and MH immediately said “NO!”

20:19 Imagen Showed photos of food he ate – cuttle fish with sausage kimchi rice he said he also likes spicy food and steam boat. Because of his busy filming schedule he has no time to go to Han river. He really wanted to go so he hope that he will have time to visit the place – to rest &.enjoy the river view. Talked about soccer, he likes Brazil.

20:26 Talking about World Cup, MH said he didn’t have time to watch only caught some highlights. Asked about his soccer skill, he said he was very good up to his first year in secondary school, boasting that he could tackle 10 players without any difficulty! Although he was not very tall then (1.45m) he had very good speed, like 100m in 11s.

20:35 Asked which of the nicknames he likes best and he said long-legged oppa (oppa long leg). Imagen Compere asked fans what they is the mental age of MH, everyone screamed loudly 3!! Year!! Old!! MH laughed and compere said you are lying with your eyes opened!!

20:38 Asked if MH is a girl will she fall in love with MH, MH proclaimed confidently that: He is the BEST MAN! Not because he is good looking, it is because he is very good to woman!

20:39 He said he missed his mother’s cooking and if he has time he would like to eat at his mother-fans’ (fans who are mothers) house. Everyone screamed.

20:47 For those lucky fans who got to go on stage to interact with him, they.may ask him to do ANYTHING they.want. Imagen First wanted a hug, compere asked how he felt and he said.it was good. Imagen Second wanted to hold hands with him and gaze into each other”s eyes without blinking; MH laughed and ended up.hugging her as punishment. Imagen Third wanted MH to touch her head and pinch her face. Imagen Fourth is an 8-year old girl, compere asked her how long she has liked MH and she said 8 years (!!!!!). After the girl presented her present (to MH) she requested to feel MH heartbeat, she said she could feel it and also his muscle (think everyone died here). Imagen Fifth wanted him to make the love sign with him and take photo. MH agreed to everything that was asked of him!!

21:00 MH taught fans 3 Korean phrase: Do you want to go to my house? I think I like you? Do I miss.you?

21:16 Imagen Then he sent the message “No matter what, move.forward” for his fans, he hope that no matter what difficulty one faced in life, one must move forward. He took photos with the lucky fans.

21:18 Imagen While waiting for the next item fans sang birthday song, in Hangul.

21:21 Played scenes & OST from “The Heirs” and also clips on making of “The Heirs”

21:22 Everyone felt touched watching “The Heirs” videos & clips, everyone wished him Happy Birthday and birthday music was being played everyone sang birthday and lots of cheering.

21:24 Imagen MH thanked everyone for liking him even though he is lacking, he will bring even better production for everyone. MH made 90C bow. Imagen
MH wanted to take selfies with everyone, he could have just taken one but no he took 3 photos from 3 different angles to capture everyone, the fans were all awed and smitten by his attentiveness.

21:27 Imagen MH ended by saying that although the time spent was.short, he was really happy to be there and he enjoyed his time with all of them. MH said that there will be a chance to meet in Oct 2014, he hoped that everyone will stay healthy and.happy and keep the date with him in Oct. He will bring “Gangnam Blues” to meet everyone and asked them to look forward to it. He said “I love you.” In.Mandarin. Imagen MH sang “Painful Love”.

21:32 Imagen Everyone kept screaming LMH name.


~ Original credit: Weibo Fan Accounts: VICTORIAmino+
Minoz_苏喵 t English: @Mosquito via Minshin Soompi
Pic cre: Minoz_Peace
Posted by Wfalve Nguyen Minoz Viet Nam


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