[ARTICLE] Idols on TV: Happy Birthday Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Min Ho


On June 22, two of the most prominent male idols in Korean entertainment, Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE and Lee Min Ho, celebrated birthdays.

Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 1987 while Jung Yong Hwa was born on June 22, 1989.

In recognition of his birthday, FNC Entertainment released a video honoring Jung Yong Hwa.

Lee Min Ho was similarly recognized by his agency, Star Haus Entertainment.

Jung Yong Hwa is beloved by fans not only for his musical career, but for his iconic K-Drama roles which include Kang Shin Woo in “You’re Beautiful” and Lee Shin in “Heartstrings.”

K-Drama fans were thrilled to hear that Yong Hwa would join the cast of the upcoming tvN historical drama “The Three Musketeers” as Park Dal Hyang, in the Korean adaptation of the Alexander Dumas novel.

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular young actors in Korean drama. His iconic roles include the angsty chaebol heir Gu Jun Pyo in the 2009 drama “Boys Over Flowers.” Most recently, Lee Min Ho led the 2013 teen drama “The Heirs,” reprising the archetypal role as the chaebol heir Kim Tan.

Fans of Lee Min Ho, who are known as Minzoz, are anticipating the release of his upcoming film “Gangnam Blues,” in which he will portray Kim Jong Dae.

Jung Yong Hwa has enjoyed a career as acting idol, while Lee Min Ho has effectively launched a solo vocal career.

Both Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Min Ho have acted opposite actress Park Shin Hye, which has helped to bolster their fan bases on an international level.

Fans of Lee Min Ho who were located on the West Coast were able to witness some of the filming process for “The Heirs.” However, Lee Min Ho has yet to make a formal appearance in the U.S., unlike his co-star Park Shin Hye.

American fans of Jung Yong Hwa have had the opportunity to see the CNBLUE star frequently in the past year.

CNBLUE performed in New York and Los Angeles as part for their Blue Moon World Tour and as part of the LA K-Pop Festival. CNBLUE will return to the United States in August to perform at KCON 2014.

Source: www.kpopztarz.com


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  1. Minhoaa oppa is the biggest hallyu star

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