[NEWS] Lee Min Ho Gifts Movie Team with T- Shirts and Towels for His Birthday – June 24, 2014

Lee Min Ho gave out special gifts in celebration of his birthday.

Currently filming Gangnam Blues in Suncheon, Lee Min Ho gifted the staff members with t-shirts and environmentally-friendly towels on June 22, as he celebrated his birthday. The Pt shirts have been specially made with Promiz’s birthday special design.

Lee Min Ho also expressed his gratitude and words of encouragement in the cards as well.

In the picture, Lee Min Ho is holding a sign that says ‘Gangnam Blues Daebak’ along with text ‘We’re halfway finished already. I hope that we can finish well without any trouble, fighting!’


Lee Min Ho said, “I have always received gifts on my birthday but after I started project Promiz, I decided to give away gifts, backed by the fans’ participation. Giving away gifts is just as enjoyable as receiving them.”

Promiz is a combined word between promise, Lee Min Ho and his fan club, Minoz. It signifies ‘gathering Lee Min Ho and the fans’ love to share bigger love,’ and it has been prepared by the actor over a long time in order to share mature love with the fans over a long term.

Promiz will select a different theme each year to carry out various charitable activities and this year’s theme is ‘water.’

Photo credit: Starhaus

Reporter : Lee Na Rae | Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung
Source : CJ E&M Enewsworld
Credit : mwave


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