[NEWS] Among all the actors worldwide, hallyu star Lee Min Ho is 16th place for the most liked actor on Facebook.



According to the information released by Facebook, Lee Min Ho received 15 million “likes.” He’s placed 133rd place among the celebrities all over the world, and among the actors, he’s 16th place.

Behind Lee Min Ho, PSY is placed 195th place, BIGBANG is 317th place, 2NE1 is 336th place, Super Junior is 341st place, and Girls’ Generation is 411th place among the celebrities all over the world.

Lee Min Ho has a variety of fans from different countries. Starting from Korea, he has many fans in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Excluding the 730,000 Korean fans that clicked “like,” a total of 14 million international fans clicked “like.”

Lee Min Ho is on top of the charts, not only on Facebook, but on Weibo and Twitter as well. He has about 2 million followers on Twitter and is ranked first among the Korean actors. With Weibo, PSY is placed first and Lee Min Ho is placed second with approximately 22 million fans.

This has proven just how popular the hallyu star is overseas.

Credit : soompi


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