[NEWS] Lee Min Ho’s 20 Secret Habits


1. Not a morning person, may throw tantrum J (don’t expect toothy grin in his early morning airport appearances)

2. Doesn’t like to drink alcohol, unavoidable as part of entertaining guests; will secretly put aside/hide the alcohol when no one is looking.

3. All he thinks of after completion of work is eating, meat without fail, likes fish as well.

4. Very mindful about hair, will not let people see him with messy hair when he wakes up other than the recent TW trip whereby his hair blower ‘exploded’ due to incorrect adaptor (electric current) issue there was a similar incident in Indonesia previously causing the whole hotel room’s electricity to be short circuited.

5. While he looks good in everything he wears, his favourite personal attire is t-shirt & jeans

6. Dislikes cucumber & parsley

7. Wary & particular about his puffy face and lower jawline whenever he is tired

8. Has goosebumps when he needs to say cheesy, lovey, dovey lines when acting or performing

9. When taking photos he prefers his left face angle

10. When entering lift will always look at the mirror first

11. Knows how to say “I love you” in 8 different languages – Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Tagalog & Vietnamese

12. Loves to do sports, he is most proud of his tennis skill ‘no one can beat me’ (actually it’s just ok)

13. Takes a long time to decide if he needs to go out on his own, even if it’s just to nearby eateries most common activity he does is to drive and cruise around

14. Doesn’t like drinks that are too sweet

15. Likes to prank others but normally ends being his own victim

16. Will sleep talk

17. Favourite accessories are bracelets, next is sun glasses (shades)

18. Tends to stick out his tongue & lick his lips unknowingly; also like to fiddle with his hair

19. Doesn’t know how to swim well because he is scared of water when he was young he had two closed encounters of near drowning; it took a lot of perseverance for him to overcome (his fear) to learn how to surf because of “The Heirs”, as a result he falls in love with surfing.

20. C Ronaldo is his favourite soccer player, even though he is busy with movie filming he still tries to catch up on soccer news he follows Brazil’s progress in the World Cup

Cr. @Mosquito_Ding via DC


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  1. Reblogged this on obsessedvirgo and commented:
    That’s our Minho ssi 👏💓💐

  2. Cynthia says:

    min ho how s ur learning of English so far hope u learn faster ok cos ur fans who can’t speak Korea lacks alots ok n can’t even communicate wit u well trying to learn a little Korea from the movies i watch i can speak a little but sorry can’t right so hurry with English ok fighting !!!!!

  3. becky says:

    Good habits!no one is perfect,we all have “BUT” as God created us!our prayer is not the type that will make our love ones to loose interest in us,also to bring us down as a celebrity!some people have habits that turned to scandal and that alone killed their Fame!my lovely Leeminho is always careful,he knows what deviL want in celebrities,pls keep watching your back,be mindful of what you say,actions and reactions in the public,where you go,people you move with and deal with,WOMEN!WOMEN!!WOMEN!!!the greatest “WEAPON”devil uses to bring a man of honor,intergrity,perfectionist down!and you wll ask yourself “how did it happen?”So,WATCH OUT!we wll be praying for you,Stay Blessed and GOD wll protect you where ever you go,and expose your enemies in every of their plaNs to ridicule you,Amen.(I am a grandma,just talking from experience of life of great people in our present world!also what happened to great men in the Bible)my baby of the house always watching your dramas!and complained why on earth Lee wll do a yearly drama?hope he’s not a lazy guy?or no roles 4 him in other ones?pls take note,others are complaining too!take enough rest,EAT,drink water and Enough SLEEP!our LeeMinHO!the HANDSOME GUY

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