GUY CANDY: Lee Min Ho is the perfect man for luxury watch campaign


What does a perfect man need to make a statement ? Romanson, a Korean watch brand , has selected Lee Min Ho as the spokesperson for its new global campaign. With the slogan of ” He makes the moment , ” the ad presents the theme of ” Mr . President ” with a perfect watch that keeps the time for a perfect man . We just know that it ‘ s almost impossible to take our eyes off of this man and his watch.


The Romanson brand operates in 70 countries and takes pride in its technical craftsmanship and fashionable neoclassical designs . The campaign is designed to emphasize Lee Min Ho’s masculine image , but it will also have an alternate campaign where he will carry the female model for a romantic , dating scene .

By the way, the model he wears is Atrax nouvo PL 4258 HM in the top photo , and Loki TL4229 FM in the other.

Credit : dramafever


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