[ARTICLE] SUIT BATTLE: Lee Min Ho vs Kom Woo Bin


Lee Min Ho is hot ; Kim Woo Bin is hot . Lee Min Ho is tall with long legs ; Kim Woo Bin is tall with long legs. Lee Min Ho models ; Kim Woo Bin is an actual model. Obviously , after realizing those facts , a ” Suit Battle” was only logical.

Sometimes, like right now, acting is pushed to the side and it ‘ s only the looks of these two guys that matter. So their acting ability has absolutely nothing to do with this. It ‘s all about who looks hotter in suits!


Both guys look totally sexy in their overcoats, but LMH is giving us a great bang/fringe for a more clean -cut casual look, while Woo Bin is giving us a sleek hairstyle, keeping it classy and traditional.


Both guys are giving off their ” sassy ” looks to the camera. Having attitude and sass is a must while wearing a suit.


Award show best ! Both guys are looking pretty in their bow ties and showing off their never-ending legs!


I know it ‘s such a hard choice , but you have to pick one or the other, not both ! Are you #TeamMinHo or #TeamWooBin

Me : ofc i am #TeamMinHo ♥♥♥♥ how about you ???

Credits : dramafever


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