[ARTICLES] 14 faces of Lee Min Ho that give us the FEELS!


It seems like every time I go online I see.hot new photos of Lee Min Ho . Not only is he a stellar actor with series like Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, Personal Taste, Faith, and the upcoming Heirs,.but.he, more than any Korean actor I know, has a huge repertoire of modeling shots. What makes him such a sought after model ? Well, besides just naturally looking good in clothes , he has facial expressions that pull you in and make you all giddy! Here are 14 classic modeling faces that make us want more and more of Lee Min Ho . I know it ‘ s a lot to handle all at once, but just take your time . . .

1. The ” I ‘ m too sexy for my clothes ” face .


Please, please, you don ‘ t need them!

2 . The ” Aegyo !” face .



3. The ” smart is sexy ” face .


I ‘ve always had a thing for guys with a brain , among other things . . .

4. The ” Come cuddle with me ” face .


Is there room in that jacket for me ?

5. The ” cheeky” face .


I just want to pinch them!

6. The ” killer stare ” face .


* Dropped DEAD *

7. The ” Let the good times roll !” face .


You look like a good time!

8 . The ” Come hither stare ” face .


Just try to stop me !

9. The ” pouty” face .


It’ s ok, I ‘ ll comfort you in my arms !

10. The ” flirty wink ” face .


You little tease!

11. The ” go with the flow” face .


Always so cool and confident.

12. The ” prettier than you ” face .


Sad, but true , but I don ‘ t really care !

13 . The ” GQ ” face .


Is it just me , or is it getting hot in here?

And my personal all time favorite.. .

14 . The ” thinking of you” face .


What ‘ s your favorite face of Lee Min l Ho? I know, I know, there ‘s just no choosing , but try your best to keepnit to three .

Credits : dramafever


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