[PHOTOS] Lee Min Ho Meet & Greet @ Osim uDiva in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 092814


5 lucky fans are being selected to play mini games on stage with Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho greeted fans in BM and Chinese! And he said ‘Saya Rindu padamu’!!!!

Lee Min Ho is so freaking TALL and GOOD LOOKING IRL!!!

Lee Min Ho says he’s so happy to be back to Malaysia again! It’s his 3rd visit.

Lee Min Ho says he loves eating satay and nasi lemak!!!

Lee Min Ho is asking if all the fans present knows how to cook nasi lemak! xD

Lee Min Ho said ‘Oppa’!!! xD

The first lucky fan gets to be spoon fed by Lee Min Ho!!

Lee Min Ho says Pulau Tioman looks really pretty! And he would like to visit it!

Lee Min Ho is helping the second fan put on lipstick!!! OMG he touched her face!!!

Third fan gets to hold Min Ho’s hand while he signs the board!

She even scored a hug with Min Ho! And she gets to take the signed poster home!!

The next lucky fan got to pop a balloon through a hug with Min Ho!!

The final fan gets to have a staring contest with Min Ho while holding hands!! SO SWEET.

The fan won and she gets to take pictures with Min Ho and even take a bunny home.

Min Ho says his eyes got red and teary because of the eye contact with the fan.



Lee Min Ho sang the birthday song for Osim for their 35th anniversary!!


Min Ho says black is one of his favourite colours! Perhaps that’s why he’s all in black today? ^^

Loyal customers of Osim got to take a group picture with Min Ho too!

That’s the end of the meet and greet. But before that, Min Ho had a group pic with all the fans!!

Lee Min Ho:”I was very happy to meet all my fans in KL today. Please continue your support for me..”

Lee Min Ho:”I will continue to work hard to come back here again!”

Credits : KAvenyou
photo cr: owners


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